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Public schools are the foundation of our economy and must be fully funded. As an independent  piano teacher, Linda works with students that attend public, parochial, private and home schools.  She has witnessed students in all of these setting benefit from public school classes and special services.

Controlling the cost of in state higher education is a priority for Linda.  The Brownback tax experiment increased college tuition dramatically while at the same time reduced needed funds for building maintenance.  In order to compete with out of state schools, we need to keep our Kansas universities in first rate form to attract top students from within and without the state.  Strong universities beget a strong workforce which begets a strong Kansas economy.


As of October 2019, Kansas has lost over 3.5 billion of our tax dollars due to lack of Medicaid expansion at a time when our state desperately needed that money.  These are tax dollars that we are paying regardless that will either come back to Kansas or be sent to other states.

As an emergency physician, Linda’s husband sees daily the impact of working people falling into the insurance gap.  The well being of these nearly 150,000 Kansans were a primary motivator when Linda decided to accept the call to run for office.


Linda supports common sense gun laws that respect the Second Amendment while doing more to protect our families.  Like the vast majority of Americans, Linda supports universal background checks.  Knowing that the majority of deaths by gun each year in Kansas are death by suicide, Linda will work to pass a red flag law. Linda is an active Be Smart volunteer, training others about safe gun storage and ways to keep our children safe while in others’ homes.  Linda is adamantly opposed to arming teachers.

Food sales tax

Kansas has among the highest food sales tax in the country.  Linda believes that any tax cuts should focus on helping ordinary Kansans, not large corporations.  Lowering the food sales tax would be a primary way to do this.